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From producer to weaver, UBA deals in cotton of uncompromising quality.

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From producer to weaver, UBA deals

in cotton & yarn of uncompromising quality

Unlike the conventional cotton and yarn merchant of yore, UBA is a nimble, professional, and dynamic dealer across the entire cotton & yarn network. Our expertise lies in connecting producers to procurers and growers to millers. Be it financing, acquiring, managing risk, grading, selling, or even storing — our team of experts are your one-stop-shop for every cotton and yarn question.

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The UBA Factor

In such an age-old business, what unique value does UBA add? Unrelenting professionalism and an unbeatable network answer that question. Applying our niche expertise in cotton and yarn to different fields, UBA has grown to deal with other commodities including pulses, grains, and wool. All through, we stick to our principles of quality, safety, and transparency — ensuring that every move we make uplifts every stakeholder we know

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Seed To Shirt

Importing from the USA, the cotton UBA prepares is exported to Bangladesh — where it stands out for its peerless quality. So we work with some of the largest cotton merchants in the world as well as India's local growers to maintain a steady push towards more sustainable farming and better growing practices. We believe in building toward the future, not borrowing from it. So right from seed to shirt, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our partners to trade ethically.


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This is where the work begins. The seeds (if any) wave their farewells, the cotton gets threshed into shape, and fresh bales are made ready for the mills.

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As suppliers of cotton to global markets, we only work with the most dependable local growers and provide them the support they need to pull off a seamless harvest.

Cotton Plant



From here, the cotton makes its journey to places all over. The mills make textile-ready yarn out of it — vastly opening up the possibilities for its use to different people

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From seed to shirt, grower to miller, producer to procurer — the UBA promise never breaks.

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Dealing with yarn of multiple counts that tend to both softer and finer sides, our tryst with yarn is a long and colourful tale. As experts within the industry, the match between the fine cottons we source and the finer yarns we weave is one made in the textiles heaven. That explains why we tie up with some of the most well-known names in the business — because the UBA promise is one of absolute trust and uncompromising quality.

High quality yarn —

from producer to procurer.

As the preferred choice for the storied yarn merchants in Bangladesh and China, the yarn UBA sources and exports is peerless in quality. 

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Partnerships & Associations



"In this service-oriented business, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar and Mr. Rahul leave no stone unturned in making sure our needs as customers are dealt with promptly and professionally to the utmost extent."

Sayed Aamir Shoeb, Sr Trader

Reinhart India Pvt Ltd



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