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UBA is a name that has grown to become synonymous with quality and trust within the cotton and property enabling sectors it operates in.

Our differentiator comes from the strong ground-level feedback we combine with outstanding professionalism and a rigorous work ethic to deliver results of the highest value.

Today, UBA stands out as one of the most preferred property enablers operating within the industry. The group stands out for its highly professional work ethic which streamlines things in a disorganized sector and adds clarity to the entire process — which explains why the industry's biggest players always choose to partner with us. 


In the cotton sector, UBA works with both public and private firms on the back of our expertise in cotton ginning, liaisons as a channel partner, and fluency in export protocols.



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To be the leading player in the cotton industry and the leading enablers for every kind of property consideration.

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To provide quality service that consistently beats expectations and delivers tangible value to our customers.

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To foster an atmosphere of trust and optimism by building meaningful long-term relationships with our clients

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Pursue regional expansion in the cotton industry alongside becoming the preferred partner for every major player in the real estate sector. All this while serving with unrelenting professionalism.

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Professionalism breeds quality. Quality breeds trust. Trust breeds relationships. And relationships alone drive our business.




Driven by passion and commanded by a fierce fighting spirit, Mr. Sanjeev Agarwal stands tall in his line of work as a man of his word. Known for his extreme professionalism and through-and-through commitment to client satisfaction, Mr. Sanjeev has built a business out of creating irreplaceable value in every industry he works in — be it cotton and yarn or property consultancy. More than anything, he values honesty and transparency, which motivates him to usher in discipline into disorganized environments and lead high-efficiency projects. 


Mr. Sanjeev holds that business is all about people and relationships — which is why he stays approachable and open to fresh perspectives and new ideas.

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Punctual, committed, and ever enterprising, Mr. Rahul Agarwal brings a tremendous amount of energy to the table. Known to follow his passion with all his heart, Rahul is the holder of several distinctions — including a one-of-its-kind accreditation from the ACSA International Cotton Institute at the University of Memphis. Blending his domain expertise with a keen eye for detail and a disciplined work ethic — Rahul is known to take on every challenge head on and treat it as an opportunity to test his entrepreneurial spirit. It is this mindset of his that led him to push the business to become a successful property enabler and expand the core raw cotton business. 


Known for his adherence to business ethics as well as customer relations, Mr. Rahul Agarwal is the hand that's steering UBA toward more exciting directions than ever before.


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From producer to weaver, UBA deals

in cotton & yarn of uncompromising quality

Unlike the conventional cotton and yarn merchant of yore, UBA is a nimble, professional, and dynamic dealer across the entire cotton & yarn network. Our expertise lies in connecting producers to procurers and growers to millers. Be it financing, acquiring, managing risk, grading, selling, or even storing — our team of experts are your one-stop-shop for every cotton and yarn question.

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