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UBA works in the cotton and property enablement spaces. Both are lines of work with tremendous scope for learning, improvisation, and original thinking. UBA is committed to the highest levels of customer satisfaction. This means the environment at work will be fast-paced, dynamic, and fun. You will always find a new avenue to take ownership of and apply yourself. And since we run a small ship, the workplace isn't an ocean in which you drown but a garden in which you bloom.

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The most dynamic job in the house, the Operations vertical exposes you to the workings of both the cotton and property enablement industries. You can expect to try your hand at multiple lines of work and learn a lot along the way in this dynamic vertical.


Communication unlocks the doors in this vertical. Almost as dynamic as operations, Sales will see you travel, meet clients, and analyze trends to take decisive action. You will be expected to take ownership of your work and show the initiative to deliver.


Put on your thinking hats because this is where UBA gets creative! In the Marketing department, you will be responsible for coming up with ways of raising awareness for the UBA brand, discovering quality leads for our Sales reps, and pushing prospects to convert to UBA clients.


No company can be successful without a quality HR department taking care of its employees and their goings-on. In our HR department, you will be responsible for handling everything from onboarding to retiring as well as the upkeep of employee morale.


Finance, spreadsheets, and numbers will be a part of your job but not all of it. In the Finance department, you will be responsible for staying on top of UBA's inflows and outflows, studying trends, preparing insights, and letting the business know how it can improve.



Punctuality is the beating heart of UBA's celebrated business culture


Transparent and honest dialogue is what separates UBA from the rest


Challenges are aplenty but the right attitude can cut through any of them


Define priorities, set timelines, and hit targets — your work is yours to own

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A typical day at work will see you change several hats and slip into different shoes. But the environment at work will always be something you can look forward to. Our culture is all about keeping work friendly, warm, and approachable, so you don't need to worry about being micromanaged. Your ideas are welcome and your energy is what drives us.

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